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Time To Reflect On Why 2020 Was The Shitiest Year

Okay, so at the end of each year, I try to reflect on what went well and what went wrong.

This year, I didn't even want to do that. It was a blur, but at the same time there are many positive things that happened.

But I cannot deny that it was also the shitiest year I've seen so far (there's no other word to describe it). There you go, that's the summary. Time Magazine said it well with its cover...

Well now that's off my chest, let's move on.

If you haven't noticed - I haven't journaled for 30 days on the site. And that's because I was busy with a lot of year end things, like tax filings, house keeping, both digital and real life, trading of course (it was the best month so far this - like I said, not everything was bad). And just in time to celebrate Christmas with the family. The usual greeting has now been changed to...

Merry Christmas & a BETTER New Year!

If you're a member, you got to see the strategy we used for 2020. And so far, for the month of December, we've only seen one day of draw down, when the Bank Nifty dropped 4%.

I also decided NOT to publish the daily recordings this month, because honestly, it can get boring - you follow a mechanical system and just keep on doing it day in day out. We did it for a couple of months and tweaked it as well. Now, it is important to just follow it for the next couple of months until we milk it dry!

However, as humans we have a problem, it's what you would call the "Shiny Object Syndrome". Even if something is working out fine, we want to gravitate to something new, something novel. That's just human nature.

This reminds me of a saying... instead of doing what you love, love what you do. I guess that's the difference between passion and purpose.

There are a tonne of sites on investing and trading, I would love to know which ones you've signed up for. Or why you even signed up here - hit me a reply!

I'm interested to cover more topics on personal finance, investing and trading but there's only so much you can write about. What interests you? If you tell me, I can probably write what I know about and see if it helps.