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90% of the year is nearly over. What next?

The number of updates here have been limited to once every quarter. And that's because if you're an investor, you have to think in longer time frames. In fact quarterly is too short term.

Over the last couple of months, I've been slowly building my position in cash. Now, if you're an investor in the US - you would be seeing negative returns. However, if you've invested in India - at least from a IN₹ pov - you'd be seeing positive if not slightly flat returns.

There is something about the Indian markets that are keeping them afloat. And I'd like to think it isn't manipulation, but the sheer strength of a growing population - the demographic dividend if you will.

At present, you have thousands or hundreds of thousands of SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) running off demat accounts in India. As the younger generation continue to earn, spend and invest - India will be okay, at least for the next 20-30 years before we peak.

What we're witnessing is the Indian version of the US's Baby Boomer generation. And I'm glad to be involved as an investor.

I do have a couple of topics lined up for posting, but haven't really gotten around to hitting publish, mainly because I want to see how they do for a couple of months, before even sharing them here.

Some investments may not do well, and some may do extremely well - being too early can also be a problem.

Most investments do move a long a line, with reversions to the mean from each swing. That's part of investing. So what does this all mean, well - for one, I'd like to publish something that will build your wealth over the long term.

With inflation at all time highs, this is something that will be enjoyed for not months, but years to come. Stay tuned.