20 Indian Stocks To BUY In 2020

Find out the best 20 Indian stocks to buy for the next 5 or 10 years. Some of which could generate you a good dividend as well!

Has Gold Peaked? You might think so based on this chart...

It's all about perspectives. One of the things I learnt during trading and investing is to think in percentages, and think in relatives. Things are not always as they seem. A simple example, is when you look at a daily

Corona Capitulation? Sensex Stutters...

Looking at the US markets, you'd think that we had just undergone a capitulation with the 1,000 point drops each day last week. Is it over, or is there more to go? More importantly, at home in India – the

Gold Bugs or Gold Bears

Gold usually spikes during crazy times, and this time is no different. But is this a short term thing, or is there more?

What's my next target for Bitcoin (BTCUSD)

Here's where I see the next target for #Bitcoin / #BTC / $BTCUSD and what you could do in the meanwhile. If you're curious as to whether I will clean out my position in Bitcoin, I highly recommend subscribing to the membership.

How about booking some profits in Bitcoin (BTCUSD)?

I really didn't want to write more about Bitcoin here, but because I still have positions, might as well share what I've been doing. While I have sold some portion, I have not gone down to zero. I do have

It Aint Over Until the Gap Is Filled...

One of the most interesting patterns I've seen when watching stock markets, is watching gaps being filled. Whether it is a gap up or a gap down, gap fills are easy to predict, they happen, they may take time, but

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