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How about booking some profits in Bitcoin (BTCUSD)?

How about booking some profits in Bitcoin (BTCUSD)?

I really didn't want to write more about Bitcoin here, but because I still have positions, might as well share what I've been doing.

While I have sold some portion, I have not gone down to zero.

I do have a hunch there is more to go, but we don't trade on hunches, could we reach $20,000 once again? Never say never!

There were some clear patterns forming up, and I published this on TradingView (please do follow me there as well, so you don't miss an update!)

looks like a short term pop in Bitcoin for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by jpmartin
One the one hour graph, looks like BTC has been itching to pop. The squeeze is building up momentum. Look forward to the next rush. Could be the ramp up towards halving. Who cares, book some profits and move on.

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