There's a nice momentum squeeze happening in gold, to which side will it explode, we'll find out very soon. To gain an edge, check out the video below:

And if you're still here, check out the following posts to add to your insight on gold. Should you trade, should you invest or should you just abandon it altogether?

Has Gold Peaked? You might think so based on this chart...
It’s all about perspectives. One of the things I learnt during trading andinvesting is to think in percentages, and think in relatives. Things are not always as they seem. A simple example, is when you look at adaily chart, and you are in the forest, looking at the trees... you miss the bigpict…
Can we expect an Easter surprise?
With the lockdown, here’s how I see various markets pan out in the coming weeks / months. We’ll take a birds-eye view before drilling into the Indian Stock Market - BSE Sensex to decide on our next entry.
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