How Stop Losses Can Not Only Save You, But Make You Money!

Not only did our stop loss protect us, but it also made money, accidentally. Find out how...

Futures Have No Future, Options Give You Options

We're continuing with the TDOX strategy today, and I also share what happens when I trade futures...

Have you tried the TDOX options trading strategy?

Could the TDOX options trading strategy generate you 15%-20% per month consistently!? Find out...

Time To Refresh

A lot has been happening in the markets, but we'll get to that soon. Here are few long due updates...

Adjusting Strangles - Using Rollups & Why

While today started with a bang, that could not have been so far from the truth. Nevertheless there's something to learn each day. So here it is...

Why I hate trading futures!

I haven’t had much luck with futures, and I still don’t. After watching this, what do you think? Should I stick to option trading or give futures another go?

20 Stocks for 2020 - Quick Update - II

Will get straight into it. No conversations here, just get into buying these stocks before the market closes, and possibly tomorrow if the market heads further down. Here are some positions I'm adding on to:

20 Stocks for 2020 - Quick Update

I promised an update at the beginning of this month on our portfolio. It's not because I haven't got around to doing it, it's because...
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