How To Read An Options Chain (Table)?

Before you start your first trade, you need to learn how to read an ‘options chain’ or as some call it an ‘option table’. An options chain is basically a list of all available option contracts for a given stock

What Are Options & How Do They Work?

Ok, there’s a difference between stock ‘shares’ and stock ‘options’. With shares you get to own a piece or percentage of the company. As long as you own it, you have a “share” in the company, like…

Why Trade Options?

Options are ideal for providing insurance to your stocks, protecting profits, generating income and most importantly earning outsized gains. And if you suffer from some form of ADHD, then dig this — you can do all that in a shorter time

Double Dip & Double Down

The Dow Jones, leads the pack - yesterday it was showing signs of weakness. Today, it just completed a massive 1,860 drop i.e. almost 7%. Thank you Federal Reserve. Ironically, hit closed almost perfectly at a Support/Resistance

Bank Nifty Options Trading Strategy - Day 19 / 19

An interesting day, markets gapped down 1%, tested the S1 support, then inched back to the CPR, showing some resistance, only to find the markets close above the CPR and end higher. And we conclude...

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