Lesson 3 - Pyramiding / 12 Pillars of Trading & Investing

This has nothing to do with pyramid schemes or Bernie Madoff. This goes against your conventional thinking of $/₹ cost averaging. What is pyramiding? Find out... To see the remaining lessons, click on the link below: The 12 Pillars of Trading

Double Dip & Double Down

The Dow Jones, leads the pack - yesterday it was showing signs of weakness. Today, it just completed a massive 1,860 drop i.e. almost 7%. Thank you Federal Reserve. Ironically, hit closed almost perfectly at a Support/Resistance

Is Gold Set To Rally?

Could we see a massive rally this month in gold? Or are we going to give it up altogether? Find out...

20 Stocks For 2020 - Detailed Update

This is the monthly review of the portfolio. Let's dive straight into it. There's a lot to cover, and we will be adding to our position...

20 Stocks For 2020 - Quick Update

The SENSEX has been consolidating for some time. We're at the juncture where it could either swing up or crash further down. If you'd like to know what I think, become a member today...

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