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Trading is trading. Buy / Sell. No Bar Hold. If you're looking to trade intraday, swing, positional, trend trading, options trading or even stock trading - you'll find a wealth of information here.

Could we see consolidation? Or...

While the volatility has subsided, can we see a further rally, or should we expect some consolidation?

Whacky Wednesday - US Election 2020

Some of you might be glued to the television, others to their computer screens. If there's one thing I learned during the last election is that you can be wrong or right, but what is more important is that you make money. I still remember the last election very vividly,

TDOX & Triple Straddle Strategy Results

Today, we were pretty fortunate, especially after the last 3 days of volatility. The market has been favorable, let’s find out how much…

Can we revisit March 2020 lows?

The Dow Jones fell by nearly 1,000 points. When was the last time you saw such four digit falls? Very recently?

Does The TDOX Options Trading Strategy Work On Trending Days?

A good trading strategy should help you make a lot of money on normal day, and lose less on a bad day. Let’s find out how we did today…

Which Options Trading Strategy Works Better - Straddles or Strangles?

In a trending market, which options trading strategy do you think will help the most? Well we find that out today…

Wednesday Volatility - How Our TDOX Options Trading Strategy Worked Out

Today, was a really volatile day, that has really pushed the mental and emotional strength of many traders. Some were lucky, others were not so…

How Stop Losses Can Not Only Save You, But Make You Money!

Not only did our stop loss protect us, but it also made money, accidentally. Find out how...
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