View This Tastyworks Trading Platform (Step-By-Step) ​Setup, Review & Tutorial​ in Only ​40 ​Minutes

​And also learn how you can save as much as 25% off your commissions!


​You'll Love This FREE Course & Here's what ​You'll Learn​:


​I'm loving tastyworks so much, ​I don't think I'll be looking back at other platforms.

“​If you're not on board, you might as well just view the tutorial. This is a mini-review of an upcoming startup brokerage platform that is out to give other brokers a run for their money!”

​Jose Paul Martin

​Author, Instructor & Zen Master​

  1. How to setup watchlists, so you can monitor and follow stocks faster.
  2. How to setup charts and indicators, so you can visually track and trade a stock or option.
  3. How to tweak the platform settings for maximum efficiency.
  4. How to setup the core trading module, so you can trade faster than normal.
  5. The difference between Account Details & Position Details, so you can balance your account.
  6. How to place trades and them manage them smoothly.
  7. How much you'll save by moving to tastyworks, and a free bonus spreadsheet to test with against any other brokerage.

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