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WintWealth FinTech Platform [REVIEW]

WintWealth (GrowFix) is a FinTech platform that focuses on high yield, securitised investments. Let's review how you can make pre-tax 9% -11% yields.

A long while ago, I had invested in Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC)’s Corporate Deposits. At the time the interest rate was really tempting, if I recall, almost 16%.

The company was (and still is) triple A rated as well, and the economy was booming. Over time the interest rate declined, and so yields were not as great as before.

This year, I decided to not redeem it, and here’s why: There are other better places to invest. That’s not to say that STFC, just that I’m having to take on more risk to get a higher return.

And so, after all this time - my small investment has ballooned to ₹23 lakhs plus change. So what I thought I’d do, is buy myself a new Jeep Compass 2021 model.

Just kidding, that was the plan, but I’m not going to plunk down money for that right now — anyways, with these lockdowns, there’s no need to rush!

Instead, I’ll explain how you can also afford (buy) a depreciating asset, and make more money than a fixed deposit, while you wait!

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