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Toolkit: TickerTape

TickerTape.in: Empowering Investors with Data and Insights for Informed Decision-Making

This is part of our Toolkit series, where we dive into tools that are available for the smart & independent Indian investors & traders.

You may be wondering what sort of software I use for analysing stocks & mutual funds in my portfolio, well - it's called TickerTape. I highly recommend connecting your brokerage platform to it:

Stock Analysis & Best Financial Tools for Indian Stock Market Evaluation | Tickertape
Use the best financial tools to analyse stocks and market sentiments with all information about Indian stocks, ETFs and indices to research better and invest smarter.

For Mutual Funds, you only need to provide your PAN number in order to connect. For your stocks, you can connect with around 15 brokers right now.

But it's more than Stocks & Mutual Funds, it also covers ETFs and indices, and has a screener for going through stocks, shortlisting and filtering. This will help you, learn about companies and the news around them.

You can also analyse your existing portfolio, and if you have a PRO membership, they will identify whether any of your stocks have any red flags.

Quite often, it's difficult to track the news of a single company, with TickerTape, you can track your entire portfolio.