A long while ago, I moved from trading Stocks to trading Options. Along the way, I had a few mentors, the most notable one is John Carter (and his team from Simpler Trading).

John is known in the traders community for making $1 million on a Tesla ($TSLA) in 1 day. Who better to learn from. Thank you John. John is the founder of Simpler Trading, and author of the book Mastering The Trade (3 Edition).

There are others, who have helped me on the way but the list would take up this post. Instead of listing them, this post is to introduce you to a couple of posts I wrote earlier on another platform. Most of these entered a power packed 15 page ebooklet that I wrote. If you become an annual member, you get free access to that and my other courses.

The Ultimate Guide To Stock Option Trading Basics
Isn’t it time to kill this irrational fear of options trading... are you ready to start right now? The Ultimate Guide To Stock Option Trading Basics will help you get started in the world of options trading. Learn what options are, why they should be used by you in your investing and trading as well…

While these were written some time back, I'll be updating them with more relevant information and also include additional stuff based off questions that I got over time. There's nothing better than evergreen content - consider this edition 3.0!

Thank you for reading, have a great second half of 2020. I know, I know... the first half was crazy!