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Anything & everything related to investing. Investing is not just when you're not trading, but includes buy & hold, investing for the long term, medium term. Generally focusing on 1 year to 3 years to 5 years or more.

This is why I won’t invest in real estate

Should you buy / rent? Should you even invest in real estate? How good is it? Here's the truth you may not be told...

Time To Reflect On Why 2020 Was The Shitiest Year

Okay, so at the end of each year, I try to reflect on what went well and what went wrong. This year, I didn't even want to do that. It was a blur, but at the same time there are many positive things that happened. But I cannot deny that

Can we revisit March 2020 lows?

The Dow Jones fell by nearly 1,000 points. When was the last time you saw such four digit falls? Very recently?

20 Stocks for 2020 - Quick Update - II

Will get straight into it. No conversations here, just get into buying these stocks before the market closes, and possibly tomorrow if the market heads further down. Here are some positions I'm adding on to:

20 Stocks for 2020 - Quick Update

I promised an update at the beginning of this month on our portfolio. It's not because I haven't got around to doing it, it's because...

Bank Nifty - India's Banking Index

All you need to know about India's Banking Index - The Bank Nifty and how you can trade / invest in it.

IPO Happiest Mind Technologies

Before you think this is some crazy minded company. Hold your thoughts. This is founded by Ashok Soota, co-founder of MindTree. I believe this is his second IPO experience, so he knows how to play it well. First off, I don't enjoy pre-IPO subscriptions. They're hit or miss. For the

How To Setup Trailing Stops In Zerodha

Learn how to setup up trailing stops in Zerodha, so you can protect your portfolio from major losses.
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