20 Stocks for 2020 - Quick Update - II

Will get straight into it. No conversations here, just get into buying these stocks before the market closes, and possibly tomorrow if the market heads further down. Here are some positions I'm adding on to:

20 Stocks for 2020 - Quick Update

I promised an update at the beginning of this month on our portfolio. It's not because I haven't got around to doing it, it's because...

IPO Happiest Mind Technologies

Before you think this is some crazy minded company. Hold your thoughts. This is founded by Ashok Soota, co-founder of MindTree. I believe this is his second IPO experience, so he knows how to play it well. First off, I

Moonson Monday - are we there yet?

Today, is actually the first of Chingam (derived from the Sanskrit word 'Singham'), which is the start of the Malayalam (Kerala) Calendar  i.e. our new year - and it's a great time to kick off something new for every

Lesson 11 - Trailing Stops / 12 Pillars of Trading & Investing

The secret risk management strategy of professional traders and investors. This is one lesson I will never, ever, ever forget. The reason why is because its built on fundamental principles. Stuff that only professionals do. Others, well — they can keep

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