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Market View 20230801

So, we missed one day of trading updates because I was traveling. Well, didn't really miss anything because I didn't adjust any positions.

How do you see the month of August? So far we have not had any major correction in the BankNifty - and we have a gap fill below, way below. So what can we expect?

Well, a good correction earlier in the month, probably until the 15th of the month, could lead to a further extension of the bull rally.

For India, I'm long term bullish - just the size & structure of the demographics makes it the place to invest, for at least the next 7 years by then the working population will peak in 2030. This will create the maximum tax collection and maximum consumption for India.

Anyways, where does the BankNifty stand? And when you step back, you can see the correction and how it led to a further rally. Corrections of 10% are healthy, corrections of 20% are good, as it will clear up all the euphoria.