Bank Nifty Options Trading Strategy - Day 12 / 19

The US Markets provided the lead, following the announcement of a vaccine. But the markets in India, didn’t seem to care, especially the banks. There are still problems… vaccine or none. Find out how we did...

Is Gold Set To Rally?

Could we see a massive rally this month in gold? Or are we going to give it up altogether? Find out...

Bank Nifty Options Trading Strategy - Day 9 / 19

The FM Speech didn’t add much value to the certainty, markets fizzled with a gap down. It was an interesting day to trade, gap down, then swing up, didn’t reach the days top and swung down.

Bank Nifty Options Trading Strategy - Day 8 / 19

Following the Modi Stimulus Package headline - the markets gapped up, now we’ll be waiting for Finance Minister Normal Seetharam to fill in the blanks after market hours. Here’s how are options trading strategy worked out today…

20 Stocks For 2020 - Detailed Update

This is the monthly review of the portfolio. Let's dive straight into it. There's a lot to cover, and we will be adding to our position...

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