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Biggest Real Estate Mistake Ever

Well, it's final. I made the biggest mistake ever. I purchased a new apartment, and that too for a good amount! The only good thing is it was without a housing loan.

This also explains my absence and lack of publishing here. Nothing to fret over, as the markets have been on a tear, and our readers are making money!

I've written about my disdain towards real estate investing, especially in India. For the sake of those who are new here, please head over to the post below and read that first, before this.

This is why I won’t invest in real estate
Should you buy / rent? Should you even invest in real estate? How good is it? Here’s the truth you may not be told...

Now that you're back, I thought I'd share a couple of videos of people who are respected for the view points on investing.

So why invest?

While my thought process is different, we kinda share the same thinking. So let me share their videos here, have a go and gain some perspective:

And another one by Mr. SubraMONEY, which answers a good question...

And the next one is by Alok Jain, who I agree with on most matters, except gold! :)